Broadband Speed Test – Check your internet connection speed

Not sure if you are getting what you paid for? Want to know about the internet speed provided by your ISP? Well you can basically go on Google and search for speed testing websites.

Broadband Speed Test

There are many websites which can test your internet speed. As you know, people want fast internet so they can surf the internet without any problems but they might not get what they are seeking.

I will be describing about how you can perform speed test on the internet.

How to test your internet speed

  1. Find an internet speed testing website: There are many internet speeds testing websites on the internet. They usually show the result of these three tests, Download speed test, Upload speed test, Ping test. Our Broadband Speed Test website gives best result.
  2. Select the nearest server: Speed test will give you a choice to select the closest server to you and perform the test. Most of the servers automatically select the most optimal server for your location.
  3. Take the Test: As you run the test, wait for some time until you get the test file in the computer. The results will be displayed in your computer in Mbps (Megabits per second). After this, compare your test results with the advertised speed of your computer.

Understand the Terms of testing broadband speed:


  1. Learn the way to measure the speed: The most universal way to measure the connection speed is in Mbps. You should be aware that MB (Mega Byte) and Mb (Megabit) are separate. The files on your computer are measure in MB while the speed of internet is measured in Mb. A megabit is 125 kilobyte and 1024 kilobyte is equal to 1 megabyte. It means that 10 Mbps connection will deliver 1.25 MBps.
  2. Basics about Servers: A server is a place where you retrieve data from. The servers connect you to the internet. The distance between you and the server can affect your speed. The near you are to the server the faster internet you get.
  3. Knowing the difference between uploading and downloading: When you download a file from internet you will see two types of speed, uploading speed and downloading speed. Downloading is when you grab a file from server and make a copy of it on your computer and Uploading is when you send a file to your server. As you know, downloading speed is faster than uploading speed
  4. Knowing about ping: When you do an internet connection speed test then there is a test named ping test. Ping is the time to connect. It is the measurement that how much time a message takes to reach one end of the connection the other. This affects how long a download takes to start but doesn’t affect the overall transfer rate.


If you follow those steps and is able to understand all the given terms in speed testing. You will get the exact result of your internet connection speed.