The 4G Revolution!!

As we know, India is one of the fastest developing countries in the world. It has made a revolutionary and significant change in most of the sectors. Internet and Telecommunication is one of them.

Just to look one year behind, the speed and connection quality your internet was so poor. The average connection speed was about 2.8 Mbps, one of the slowest among Asia. But this has changed as the calendar hit New Year. Since, 4G and JIO entered and took over the market all the things have changed in the Indian Internet market.

The 4G Revolution!!

Due to this revolution, much more opportunities for the business company have been triggered. As for the Mobile electronic devices users it has become heaven and has brought a new type of internet experience among them. Some of the new trend as it has brought are down here!!

E-Commerce and M-Commerce

This new trend of Commercial transaction in the Web of internet has been going on nowadays. Day by day more and more people are using this facility. People are switching up from real time cash transaction to Digital transaction.

It has driven people towards Cashless Economy. Use of E-wallet, Paytm, FreeCharge etc. has been more popular among both Buyer and Seller. The rise in users of electronic banking system of past few weeks is significantly high. It has made sure that the growth of M-commerce will be significant and soon it will be going offline too.

Video Streaming and Music, Major hand in Data Consumption  

Day by day people are buying smartphones for mobile internet and other features. Having more number of smartphones means Data consumption will be more and video streaming plays the most important part. Recent studies have shown that the cause of heavy data consumption is video and music streaming in the mobile internet.

Due to the platforms like YouTube, HotStar, Voot, Netflix, Saavn, Gaana people will be watching exclusive videos and listening to music in the internet for better user experience by which the numbers will be going up and up. So we can say that people who own these companies are going to get rich for real. You should do broadband speed test and make sure you can enjoy these services.

AI (Artificial Intelligence)

AI, a work of science fiction? I don’t think so; AI has been with us for quite a time. AI will increase its presence across categories and it will be engaging experiences for consumers for delivering relevant news, predicting when their supplies run low, or doing some difficult tasks on which humans would spend a lot of time on.

It will be giving us more and more through Mobile Web as it will be luring more and more users onboard.

Currently many works on the web are done with the help of AI. Of course only Rich and powerful can get their hands on it for now.

Mobile Internet, Beyond Smartphones

As the mobile internet has brought a revolution in communication, the internet will be going beyond smartphones. Nowadays, Smartphones [Read about Samsung Galaxy C9 PRO] or Mobile Devices are becoming command centers everything can be accessed and controlled remotely.

It will be giving them greater control to the home environment and their security. From Switching on the bulb to turning off the water heater everything can be done remotely if you have Mobile Devices and Mobile Internet.

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